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NYU Shanghai's Office for Community-Engaged Learning Presents...


Slow Stories

By Cheska

By Lauren

By Kenny

Backing Home,

Starting Soon

By Wenxin & Etienne

By Papang

The Art of Not

Going Anywhere

By Raven


In October of 2023, 8 students and 5 instructors from New York University Shanghai gathered in Shenyang, China for a 3-day workshop on "slow storytelling" with Paul Salopek, a National Geographic Explorer and storyteller. 


Paul’s Out of Eden Walk project follows the path of human migration from the Horn of Africa to the tip of South America. At walking pace, Paul is collecting and sharing stories about life that are missed in the rush of daily news—and occasionally, teaching students to do the same.

These are the students' stories of the people of Shenyang.


You can read more about the workshop here, and learn more about the NYU Shanghai's Office for Community-Engaged Learning here

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